Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To My One Follower

Could you try to get me some more the more we get the more fun we have.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Gift

I approach you wearing this. Merry Christmas, ready for your gift? I know you are. I go to my knees and you know what comes next.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My "TG" Email

is I'm waiting =P

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I HAVE A FOLLOWER... but they didn't comment. Please do =)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2 More Fantasies

I guess another thing that interests me is being kidnapped by people who work for a prince and feminize me and force me to get married to him to be their princess.


Ok so like... I wanna be a sissy girly bimbo slut. But no one comes to my blog no talks. Please someone talk to me and feminize me. Send me all kinds of links to sexy outfits you wanna see me in and everything. I'm waiting.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The three men take me into a giant shower. Then scrub me all over with a strange liquid that burns slightly. They them put the water on and all my hair is washed away. Then they hand dry me.
"How pretty you are going to be." One says. I stair in fright. "Don't worry, you'll love your new life as a bimbo." He says. He then holds me close and kisses me. I begin to try to push him away but he goes harder. He then shoves his tongue down my throat. After my horrifying experience I ask him.
"Why me?!"
"Well first off, teenage boys age 13-17 make the best sissies. You'll learn how to treat men but they'll mostly be your age." They take me back to the girls and strap me down again.
"Welcome back, now before we make you over you need hair." She puts me in a blonde wig, gags me then begins with my makeup. "Let me explain what we do here. First we trick boys into coming here, then we make them over and dress them. Then our girls teach you how to be the perfect slut. Then you go on a date with a boy who deserves to be a boy. Finally you live a happy bimbofied live." On hearing all this I become scared I do want to become a slut. The three girls carefully apply makeup and I am finally allowed to look at myself to see a am now a completely feminized sissy. They remove my gag and then bound me again except my legs and slip a pair of panties on me. I let out a cry and they laugh. Next they put me in breast forms and a bra
"Now you just need a cute outfit" the men attack me and force me into an effeminate outfit. Then they take me in their arms to another room

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Look At A Feminization 4

I'm taken to his house for a day and giving a bag with lots of feminine and submissive outfits. Note I'm still wearing a girly outfit. Now in fear of what he is going to do with me today he comments on how hot I look and kisses me. I want to burst to tears now but he he grabs the bag and pulls lingerie from it of course I have to change then report to his room I go in and he tells me something:
"Face it little slut, me and your know what you are on the inside a bimbo, and today I'm gonna fuck whatevers left of your man hood out of you."
With that he grabs my head and makes me suck him again. My lip gloss-painted lips wraped around his hard cock and take a minute it feel it all the dick the panties around my waist the blonde wig touching my shoulders and I realize how much I like it and I finish the blow job like a good slut. Then I throw myself on him and say;
"I won't fight anymore, I'm such a sissy slut" and kiss him "Your little sissy to have your way with."
The next day I happily get dressed and readily begin my new effeminate life.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Admitance

I arrive at the mansion which the invitation had said I stepped in it's gates. I go the front door and a maid lets me in. She greets me with.
"You must be one of the master's guests" She smiles and tells me to have a seat. It is extremely pink. All of a sudden she pushes me and pulls restraints out to bound me to the chair.
"What the Hell is going on!" I demand
"Please make yourself comfortable, someone will be with you soon."
I wait and finally three girls about my age (15-16) walk in.
"Comfy?" the one in the middle asks
"What's going on?"
"Well Melissa, since you asked..."
My name is not Melissa. It's..." My words are cut off by a gag.
"Melissa quiet. Welcome to Bimbo Academy, we kidnap teenage boys and turn them into mindless, effeminate, sluts." She smiles at me evily, and points to the girls next to her. "These are recent 'graduates' here to help in your feminization, but first we need to get rid of all that ugly manly body hair." She claps her hands and to men walk in the room. "Make her smooth." They unrestrain me and carry me out of the room

Monday, July 27, 2009

Well I Have An Audience

Which excites me. Yay! Someone wanted downloadable content and I need ideas so someone help me out

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Idea

I have a new feminization idea that I will post in kinda like a story form. A place where teen boys are taken and feminized into sissy bimbos and either become brides or whores. Either way they are slutty and girly. More soon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making Me Into Your Girl

I will preferably need two enforcers, and guy and a girl. The girl to make me over and teach me about girly life, and a guy to... you know. ;) Somebody please do this for me. And yourself.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Look At A Feminization 3

After I have been humiliated by being forced to give a blow job I am dropped off at the girl's house and given a good night kiss witch I also hate. The girl then speaks to me after the boy left.
"Did you enjoy yourself?"
"No! I don't want to be a girl anymore!"
"To bad. Your a sissy slut and always will be! God, you where so easy to feminize."
The next day she shoves a pill down my throat.
"That hormone pill will turn you into something close enough to a real girl. We need to get you some clothes. Get dressed."
I go into a room with the outfit she gave me. I start by pulling the panties up my legs and putting on the bra. Then the skirt and top. We go to the mall and me in a very girly outfit we get me lots of girl's clothes... and lingerie.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bunny Girl

Another thing I've always wanted to be was a bunny girl. I mean they serve guys in all kinds of ways. Plus it's a great forced feminization position.


I've always wanted to be dressed up like a maid. It just seems like so much fun, and I know a lot of guys would like me like that too.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Caption

I didn't make it but I think it perfectly describes a good aspect of a boy's sissy girlfriend's life. And it's a little forced in the wording. This

A Look At A Feminization 2

The story continues
We are on the date and the guy keeps trying different stuff like kissing, feeling me up, etc. He finally tells me before leaving for his house:
"You little sissy, tonight your faith will be sealed, you will become the slutty girl you are inside."
He forces me to the house and hands me a bag, it is the outfit the girl told me about. He pushes me in the bathroom and tells me to change and he's been waiting all day to see me in that. Attached to the bag is a note saying:
"Have fun sissy!"
From the girl. I pull the lingerie from the bag. I look at it in fear. But I realize I have to put it on. I  put it on and go out. He then tells me how hot I am and tells me to prepare my sissy mouth. He then takes off his pants to reveal his cock.
"It's time you sissy."
"No I won't do it!" I say in my boy voice instead of the girl one I've been taking in.
"You whore! Talk like a girl! And beg for my cock now!"
Do it!"
I'm afraid. I stand there for a minute and fall to my knees. In a very effeminate voice I say.
"Please may I suck on your cock."
"Yes sissy."
I hesitate at first and simply lick the tip. Then I put it in my mouth. I suck it for a while then shallow the load. And I am now laying there after it all.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mean Girls Pic

I've never even seen the movie but this picture has always caught me since I've seen it. I wish it where me being made over after I'm put in that tight pink shirt.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Do I want To Be Force Feminized.

Many reasons. If they made me hot I can control guys with my feminine charm. Because girl's clothes are so comfortable. Because this seems way more fun to be/wear than this. But most importantly because I know my place in life as I always say is on my knees in lingerie.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have some views, wonder how... Comment?

Monday, June 15, 2009

A look At A Feminization

I never explain in full detail a feminization that I would like. First a girl would trick me into coming over to there house. She would find a way to remove my body hair... all of it, except eyes. (brows and lashes) That I'm not sure of how. Next would be where the clothes come in. She would show me the panties, I'd be unaware of what they where for, then she tells me.
"These are yours."
"But panties are for girls. I'm not a girl."
"Not yet your not."
They push me to a make over chair and secure my arms so I can't escape. They slide the panties up my legs. She then walks towards my head and takes a make up bag out and applies my blush, lipstick, eyeliner, everything else on a face.
"What the Hell are you doing?!"
"Making you pretty. Today you become the girl you where meant to be."
"Shut up sissy!"
All my pleas are ignored and she continues. She goes to my fingers and does my nails, then my toes and she is done with that part of the makeover. She takes out a corset to give me an hourglass figure. She then pokes around the cups.
"Too empty."
Then she takes breast forms to give me breasts. She then places a blonde wig on my head.
"Let's get you dressed"
"In what?"
"Something girly and slutty of course."
I am placed in a very slutty and effeminate outfit and she then explains my evening ahead.
"Tonight I've set you up on a date with a hunky guy to teach you your place. I want you to not expose your a boy... even though he knows. But your not really a boy are you? Your fate will be sealed at the end of the night, at his house I've given him something a little more "comfortable" you can slip into. Once in your lingerie you will give your first, and most definitely not your last blow job. Have fun you sissy."
She laughs and the boy shows up and takes me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Me Again

I want someone to start. I mean come on a lot of people eat this stuff up. A boy who you can just force feminize. A little sissy that can be dressed up and used in all kinds of humiliating feminine stuff. You turn me from a boy to this.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I just took a gender quiz and I told me I should be a CHICK (in those words) I think I'm gonna start a fiction blog for fun with fem stories

Friday, June 5, 2009


I wish someone would comment. I want to get started already! Someone to dress me in lingerie and force me to suck cock like the sissy slut I am.

Wake Up

I thought I was done with forced feminization yesterday I hated it yesterday. But when I woke up this morning I relized I'm such a girly girl.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It would be hard to ever admit my fantisies but on here I'm free. But still I want to really wear panties all the time. Imagine me in a whore house. My experience being feminized there. Or me being a rich perverts maid, my feminization by his other servants. A sister feminizing me to go out with her brother. A prostitute for a new worker.
"into your panties you sissy."
"NO! I don't want to be a girl!"
Well your going to be! Now sissy let's dress you slutty."

Monday, June 1, 2009


I still want you to force feminize me. Just thinking about it. Girl's grabbing me away into a room and waxes my hair off next they slide the panties up my legs and secure and stuff the bra they place on me. Put me in a skirt and top. I want to be feminized! Then they call me something like a stripper name like Candy or Glitter. Or even something plain girly like Missy.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some Stuff I'd Like to Wear

There is so much here are just somethings:
I'll put more soon


Today I was waiting for someone at the park and I got thirsty. So I walked to the store to get a drink I decided to walk around the store. I found three packs of plain white panties, skirts, and girl's tops. The inner girl voice in my head told me "buy them, go home and shave your whole body, and put them on" of course it also yelled at me when I passed razors and make-up. Saying " just do it go home and transform yourself, all you need is a bra and there are two girls in the house, just do it!" I didn't... I kinda wish I did.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Little Sort of Pledge...

I know that I'll remain in character but here's an ooc pledge.
I am a slutty girly-girl who belongs on her knees in lingerie sucking cock. I will wear any outfit that meets your fantasy. I may appear as boy but on the inside rests a sissy girl who won't stop telling me my place and she says it's time to wear the most feminine outfits out there and just let boys stripe me to my lingerie.


I had a nice dream and I wish this would really happen. A girl about 20s told me to come into a building she told me to stripe all my clothes and go in a shower and rinse my self with liquid that got ride of all my hair. She then handed me a pair of panties and told me to put them on I refused and still in shock from my hair loss. She said "put them on you sissy, you belong in panties." I argued but eventually I was dressed in full lingerie. Next she put me on a makeup table. While appling makeup to me she said stuff like "you little slut only a fifteen year old sissy and about to pleasure a man." When the makeup was down I was pretty much crying and she put a blonde wig on me, she forced me into a room where a man was she said "have fun" and left. Next his cock was in my mouth and I just sucked it like a submissive sissy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


No one's looked. I want this to start so I can be feminized I mean I talked about a lot the teen makeover thing. The girlfriend thing. The whore thing. I didn't talk about some of the individual fantasies though like the bride one. Basically in my version feel free to come up with one, I'm abducted and feminized by girls who sold me off to be married to a guy who likes this kind of girl. And well I think you know what comes next.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I know I post A Lot

It's just I really want this to get started. Feminization... it's what I want... as you know. to be forced into girl's clothes, and a girl's looks. I want to be put in lingerie especially. I'm a fifteen year old boy and I know what everything is in lingerie... mostly. It's weird sounding because most boys my age would break down and cry at the thought of wearing lingerie. I would act saddened because I love the idea of being forced. I want to try them all, I've worn a  bra and panties before, but I wanna try more. I remember I read this story about this teen boy who was kidnapped and given a makeover, put in a corset and thong and a dress and force to work in a whore house and I pictured myself. It's weird, I know. I mean it's just the idea of being on my knees in some sexy outfit like a corset, or something and just forced to really suck, I love the thought. So even though I have to be forced remember inside I am a slutty sissy girl, bring her out she can't take being a boy anymore!

Put In Place

I need to find out how to get people to come on here and comment my blogs. Because I need someone to put me in my place as a sissy in lingerie, giving blow jobs to guys. Plus I could get a chat thing were you could use fantasies of mine and yours. Just remembered it has to be me being force feminized, other than that whatever you want just talk to me. I could be your sweet virgin bride. A cute school girl. A sexy french maid. A submissive bunny girl. A perky cheerleader. Whatever you want to force me to be.
Examples (Just Examples, You can Whatever You Want):
So come on talk to be. Teach me that I am a sissy. Teach me that I belong on my knees dressed in lingerie. And before you stick that cock into my red lipstick lips, force me to admit in a high and girly voice that I am a girl, a sissy, and this is my place. Taunt me as the panties eat away at my manhood. I am a girly girl and need to be taught that.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh Man

Got no views yet I'll start captioning soon. Some one start some RPG like one of the fantasys I put up. Like someone in their conversation with act like you hired a prostitute to give me a make over. Dress me up in ruffled panties, a chiffon bra, and a slutty outfit and force me to give blow jobs. IDK have fun with it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Talk to me, and heres another idea. A Boy gets a girl friend of his and have them force wax all my hair then stick a blonde wig on me. Put me in pink panties and a pink bra and a garter and all that. He has them do my makeup while they taunt me with "sissy," "slut," "bimbo," "cock sucker," and all that. When my makeup is done they get a mini skirt and a cute belly button top and force me into it. Next comes the stockings and pumps. Now that I'm feminized, they tell me to beg for cock in an effeminate voice and they take pictures for black mail. I do and I'm pushed onto my knees and given my forced wish in my mouth. They tell me I'm the boys sissy girlfriend now and I have to keep him happy.

Who I Really Am

I am actually a 15 year old boy, but I like dressing in girl's clothes. A big fantasy of mine is to be forcibly made over by teen girls and forced to be a slutty girl. Not all the time of course.

Of course it doesn't have to be exactly this, just throwing ideas

I'll post more soon.