Sunday, May 24, 2009

I know I post A Lot

It's just I really want this to get started. Feminization... it's what I want... as you know. to be forced into girl's clothes, and a girl's looks. I want to be put in lingerie especially. I'm a fifteen year old boy and I know what everything is in lingerie... mostly. It's weird sounding because most boys my age would break down and cry at the thought of wearing lingerie. I would act saddened because I love the idea of being forced. I want to try them all, I've worn a  bra and panties before, but I wanna try more. I remember I read this story about this teen boy who was kidnapped and given a makeover, put in a corset and thong and a dress and force to work in a whore house and I pictured myself. It's weird, I know. I mean it's just the idea of being on my knees in some sexy outfit like a corset, or something and just forced to really suck, I love the thought. So even though I have to be forced remember inside I am a slutty sissy girl, bring her out she can't take being a boy anymore!

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