Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Admitance

I arrive at the mansion which the invitation had said I stepped in it's gates. I go the front door and a maid lets me in. She greets me with.
"You must be one of the master's guests" She smiles and tells me to have a seat. It is extremely pink. All of a sudden she pushes me and pulls restraints out to bound me to the chair.
"What the Hell is going on!" I demand
"Please make yourself comfortable, someone will be with you soon."
I wait and finally three girls about my age (15-16) walk in.
"Comfy?" the one in the middle asks
"What's going on?"
"Well Melissa, since you asked..."
My name is not Melissa. It's..." My words are cut off by a gag.
"Melissa quiet. Welcome to Bimbo Academy, we kidnap teenage boys and turn them into mindless, effeminate, sluts." She smiles at me evily, and points to the girls next to her. "These are recent 'graduates' here to help in your feminization, but first we need to get rid of all that ugly manly body hair." She claps her hands and to men walk in the room. "Make her smooth." They unrestrain me and carry me out of the room

Monday, July 27, 2009

Well I Have An Audience

Which excites me. Yay! Someone wanted downloadable content and I need ideas so someone help me out

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Idea

I have a new feminization idea that I will post in kinda like a story form. A place where teen boys are taken and feminized into sissy bimbos and either become brides or whores. Either way they are slutty and girly. More soon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making Me Into Your Girl

I will preferably need two enforcers, and guy and a girl. The girl to make me over and teach me about girly life, and a guy to... you know. ;) Somebody please do this for me. And yourself.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Look At A Feminization 3

After I have been humiliated by being forced to give a blow job I am dropped off at the girl's house and given a good night kiss witch I also hate. The girl then speaks to me after the boy left.
"Did you enjoy yourself?"
"No! I don't want to be a girl anymore!"
"To bad. Your a sissy slut and always will be! God, you where so easy to feminize."
The next day she shoves a pill down my throat.
"That hormone pill will turn you into something close enough to a real girl. We need to get you some clothes. Get dressed."
I go into a room with the outfit she gave me. I start by pulling the panties up my legs and putting on the bra. Then the skirt and top. We go to the mall and me in a very girly outfit we get me lots of girl's clothes... and lingerie.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bunny Girl

Another thing I've always wanted to be was a bunny girl. I mean they serve guys in all kinds of ways. Plus it's a great forced feminization position.


I've always wanted to be dressed up like a maid. It just seems like so much fun, and I know a lot of guys would like me like that too.