Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Need a "Date" to Chat With

Today I feel extra slutty. I just want to through on some sexy lingerie, a mini skirt, cute top make-up, and blonde/pink wig and suck some cock! Yeah that's how I feel today!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hypnotized into a Slut (Caption)

When the cops had finally found the missing teen he had become a very "hot" girl. With a cock still in "her" mouth they had tried to arrest the leader of the place "She" was in in. But they escaped saying that will continue to hypnotize young boys in pretty cock whores for her amusement, and that they would pay for trying to stop her.
"You no longer think of yourself as a male, you have now in mind become a complete slut never bothering with your own cock again. Your new passion in life is pleasuring men by sucking on their cocks witch you love to do. You will dress in pretty clothes and wear make-up. You will wear panties, bras, skirts, tops, dresses, high heels, and anything else girly never wearing pants again. You are now a cock-hungry slut who is only attracted to men."
It went on like this and then looped and he knew it was too late...