Friday, December 28, 2012

Sissies Helping Other Sissies

Danielle has recently ben feminized by her step mother. Formally Dan she now lives a life of cock sucking and modeling women's clothes for men. But today Dani got revenge. This is her with her new step sister.
"I'm home Danielle did you enjoy the man I sent over today?"
"Yes I think me sand Samantha both did."
"Who is Samantha... oh my God! You didn't!"
"I did! I got the guy you sent over today to rape Sam and then I let her borrow some clothes. Say hello to your daughter!"
"That is it Danielle! You are being sold off to be a trophy wife somewhere!"
"Do whatever you want! I have my vengeance now!"
"Mom can I be a trophy wife too?" Samantha asked excitedly making her mother run into the house in tears.

This is Samantha. You may have noticed Samantha looks happy. Well Samantha is not happy at all. Deep down Samantha is screaming for help but no one can hear her anymore. You see at 16 Samantha was stripped of her rights and sold into sissy slavery. I did mention she isn't an actually girl right? Well Samantha was married to a man soon after that and then went to a party with her owner where many sissy owners went with their trophies to show them off and exchange business. Well Samantha made a mistake of telling a loyal sissy, Dani, of her escape plans. Needless to say being the loyal sissy Dani is told her master who told Samantha's master who hired a hypnotist to create a girly personality who would take control of Samantha's body... and make the old "her" a prisoner in it.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mother "Daughter" Moment

I was getting ready for the beach one morning. I had on my bikini which I was going to hide under my clothes. Before I could finish getting dressed my mom walks in.
"Honey, what are you wearing?"
"... Ok may as well tell you. It's my bathing suite mom. I've been living as a girl outside of the house for a while now."
"Oh dear do your two friends going with you know?"
"Of course. Amanda has been helping by being my girly mentor and bff."
"And the boy?"
"He's sorta my..."
"Oh wow my daughter is pretty enough to land a boyfriend! Have you two..."
"Mom! No we haven't but I'm thinking I want him to... take my..."
"After you get back we are going shopping and getting you some sexy lingerie to. I'll help my sweet sissy son lose her virginity to her boyfriend."

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My sister and her friends had brought me to the mall and forced me to become a pretty girl. All day I've found myself checking out guys too! What had she done to me?! I finally pulled her aside and asked her.
"What's going on? Why do I find myself wanting to be kissed and go down on boys that we see?"
"Aw my little sissy sister. Those are the hypnotic suggestions kicking in."
"What? Well what am I supposed to do?"
"Get out there and start flirting! Maybe you can land a boyfriend then you'll really be one of the girls!"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This is actually funny

Im talking with this kid who thinks he can control me. Honeslty we all know I'm a slut but this boy has been interesting the art couple days and now he wants to do this. I can't fully explain, but i just wanted to prelude this story.More soon

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A young man and his new girlfriend stood on the side walk talking to teenage boys about their possible future.
"Attention young man! Do you need direction in life? Well how about this? Let a man take complete care of you? You'll never have any worries again you just have to become his girlfriend and future wife! At the sissy academy they'll transform you completely and hand you over to another virile rich boy who has a future. You just have to submit to him! I mean look at me! I used to be like you with no future! Now with my man here to take care of me I'm the perfect sissy girlfriend and bride-to-be!" The boy took the flyer and watched in horror as the sissy and the boy made out fully. But after some thought he was in the academy that very day!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Feminized by... Self?

All his life Dan had constant arguments with a girl within his own mind about how he should be one. He always felt he was in control of her until one day he blacked out. The next morning he woke up and realized there were shopping bags all over his room and he was in bra and panties in the arms of some guy! He found this picture on his phone with the caption:
I win ;)