Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mother "Daughter" Moment

I was getting ready for the beach one morning. I had on my bikini which I was going to hide under my clothes. Before I could finish getting dressed my mom walks in.
"Honey, what are you wearing?"
"... Ok may as well tell you. It's my bathing suite mom. I've been living as a girl outside of the house for a while now."
"Oh dear do your two friends going with you know?"
"Of course. Amanda has been helping by being my girly mentor and bff."
"And the boy?"
"He's sorta my..."
"Oh wow my daughter is pretty enough to land a boyfriend! Have you two..."
"Mom! No we haven't but I'm thinking I want him to... take my..."
"After you get back we are going shopping and getting you some sexy lingerie to. I'll help my sweet sissy son lose her virginity to her boyfriend."

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  1. Keep it up sissy loving these captions. Next best thing to having you