Thursday, May 28, 2009


I had a nice dream and I wish this would really happen. A girl about 20s told me to come into a building she told me to stripe all my clothes and go in a shower and rinse my self with liquid that got ride of all my hair. She then handed me a pair of panties and told me to put them on I refused and still in shock from my hair loss. She said "put them on you sissy, you belong in panties." I argued but eventually I was dressed in full lingerie. Next she put me on a makeup table. While appling makeup to me she said stuff like "you little slut only a fifteen year old sissy and about to pleasure a man." When the makeup was down I was pretty much crying and she put a blonde wig on me, she forced me into a room where a man was she said "have fun" and left. Next his cock was in my mouth and I just sucked it like a submissive sissy.

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