Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Talk to me, and heres another idea. A Boy gets a girl friend of his and have them force wax all my hair then stick a blonde wig on me. Put me in pink panties and a pink bra and a garter and all that. He has them do my makeup while they taunt me with "sissy," "slut," "bimbo," "cock sucker," and all that. When my makeup is done they get a mini skirt and a cute belly button top and force me into it. Next comes the stockings and pumps. Now that I'm feminized, they tell me to beg for cock in an effeminate voice and they take pictures for black mail. I do and I'm pushed onto my knees and given my forced wish in my mouth. They tell me I'm the boys sissy girlfriend now and I have to keep him happy.

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