Sunday, May 24, 2009

Put In Place

I need to find out how to get people to come on here and comment my blogs. Because I need someone to put me in my place as a sissy in lingerie, giving blow jobs to guys. Plus I could get a chat thing were you could use fantasies of mine and yours. Just remembered it has to be me being force feminized, other than that whatever you want just talk to me. I could be your sweet virgin bride. A cute school girl. A sexy french maid. A submissive bunny girl. A perky cheerleader. Whatever you want to force me to be.
Examples (Just Examples, You can Whatever You Want):
So come on talk to be. Teach me that I am a sissy. Teach me that I belong on my knees dressed in lingerie. And before you stick that cock into my red lipstick lips, force me to admit in a high and girly voice that I am a girl, a sissy, and this is my place. Taunt me as the panties eat away at my manhood. I am a girly girl and need to be taught that.

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