Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Look At A Feminization 4

I'm taken to his house for a day and giving a bag with lots of feminine and submissive outfits. Note I'm still wearing a girly outfit. Now in fear of what he is going to do with me today he comments on how hot I look and kisses me. I want to burst to tears now but he he grabs the bag and pulls lingerie from it of course I have to change then report to his room I go in and he tells me something:
"Face it little slut, me and your know what you are on the inside a bimbo, and today I'm gonna fuck whatevers left of your man hood out of you."
With that he grabs my head and makes me suck him again. My lip gloss-painted lips wraped around his hard cock and take a minute it feel it all the dick the panties around my waist the blonde wig touching my shoulders and I realize how much I like it and I finish the blow job like a good slut. Then I throw myself on him and say;
"I won't fight anymore, I'm such a sissy slut" and kiss him "Your little sissy to have your way with."
The next day I happily get dressed and readily begin my new effeminate life.

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