Saturday, September 19, 2009

The three men take me into a giant shower. Then scrub me all over with a strange liquid that burns slightly. They them put the water on and all my hair is washed away. Then they hand dry me.
"How pretty you are going to be." One says. I stair in fright. "Don't worry, you'll love your new life as a bimbo." He says. He then holds me close and kisses me. I begin to try to push him away but he goes harder. He then shoves his tongue down my throat. After my horrifying experience I ask him.
"Why me?!"
"Well first off, teenage boys age 13-17 make the best sissies. You'll learn how to treat men but they'll mostly be your age." They take me back to the girls and strap me down again.
"Welcome back, now before we make you over you need hair." She puts me in a blonde wig, gags me then begins with my makeup. "Let me explain what we do here. First we trick boys into coming here, then we make them over and dress them. Then our girls teach you how to be the perfect slut. Then you go on a date with a boy who deserves to be a boy. Finally you live a happy bimbofied live." On hearing all this I become scared I do want to become a slut. The three girls carefully apply makeup and I am finally allowed to look at myself to see a am now a completely feminized sissy. They remove my gag and then bound me again except my legs and slip a pair of panties on me. I let out a cry and they laugh. Next they put me in breast forms and a bra
"Now you just need a cute outfit" the men attack me and force me into an effeminate outfit. Then they take me in their arms to another room

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