Monday, June 15, 2009

A look At A Feminization

I never explain in full detail a feminization that I would like. First a girl would trick me into coming over to there house. She would find a way to remove my body hair... all of it, except eyes. (brows and lashes) That I'm not sure of how. Next would be where the clothes come in. She would show me the panties, I'd be unaware of what they where for, then she tells me.
"These are yours."
"But panties are for girls. I'm not a girl."
"Not yet your not."
They push me to a make over chair and secure my arms so I can't escape. They slide the panties up my legs. She then walks towards my head and takes a make up bag out and applies my blush, lipstick, eyeliner, everything else on a face.
"What the Hell are you doing?!"
"Making you pretty. Today you become the girl you where meant to be."
"Shut up sissy!"
All my pleas are ignored and she continues. She goes to my fingers and does my nails, then my toes and she is done with that part of the makeover. She takes out a corset to give me an hourglass figure. She then pokes around the cups.
"Too empty."
Then she takes breast forms to give me breasts. She then places a blonde wig on my head.
"Let's get you dressed"
"In what?"
"Something girly and slutty of course."
I am placed in a very slutty and effeminate outfit and she then explains my evening ahead.
"Tonight I've set you up on a date with a hunky guy to teach you your place. I want you to not expose your a boy... even though he knows. But your not really a boy are you? Your fate will be sealed at the end of the night, at his house I've given him something a little more "comfortable" you can slip into. Once in your lingerie you will give your first, and most definitely not your last blow job. Have fun you sissy."
She laughs and the boy shows up and takes me.

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  1. wow id so agree to that sissys are so cute god id just eat one up