Friday, June 26, 2009

A Look At A Feminization 2

The story continues
We are on the date and the guy keeps trying different stuff like kissing, feeling me up, etc. He finally tells me before leaving for his house:
"You little sissy, tonight your faith will be sealed, you will become the slutty girl you are inside."
He forces me to the house and hands me a bag, it is the outfit the girl told me about. He pushes me in the bathroom and tells me to change and he's been waiting all day to see me in that. Attached to the bag is a note saying:
"Have fun sissy!"
From the girl. I pull the lingerie from the bag. I look at it in fear. But I realize I have to put it on. I  put it on and go out. He then tells me how hot I am and tells me to prepare my sissy mouth. He then takes off his pants to reveal his cock.
"It's time you sissy."
"No I won't do it!" I say in my boy voice instead of the girl one I've been taking in.
"You whore! Talk like a girl! And beg for my cock now!"
Do it!"
I'm afraid. I stand there for a minute and fall to my knees. In a very effeminate voice I say.
"Please may I suck on your cock."
"Yes sissy."
I hesitate at first and simply lick the tip. Then I put it in my mouth. I suck it for a while then shallow the load. And I am now laying there after it all.

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