Saturday, September 7, 2013

2 Little Sissies Sluttied up by Dani and Her getting Sissied too!

Dani looked in the mirror as she just couldn't believe it! Her mother turned her into the perfect sissy! Now her mom said she had found the perfect guy for her to loose her virginity to. As the door opened Dani got nervous but after that guy a grade over her completely over powered her she knew her place as a sissy gurl. She also knew of a couple guys in her class that were doomed to the same fate and figured it was time for them as well...

As Dani and Bobi finished getting ready for the dates their mother arrived only one of them finally realized what their mothers planned on doing.
"Bobi I think you should look a little sluttier"
"What?! But Dani we don't even want to be girls!"
"Well we didn't at first but now I don't even care. Our moms just want us to be little sluts like they were in High School."
"Then how do we get out of it? I don't want to have sex with guys!"
"Well tonight your nightmare comes true. Just do like I did and lift your shirt down so your bra is visible. The easier you are the less painful it will be."
Bobbi cried as she complied and the two got picked up 10 minutes later.

Mike was so excited. He had gotten the new girl at school to bring him home and now she's stripped down to her bra and panties! But when he went for the bra Mike got a surprise from Dani.
"Uhm what are you doing?"
"Undoing your bra. Aren't we going to... you know?"
"Haha no way! I've just lured you here as a sissy! My mom loves turning boys into sissies so much that she did it to me her own son!"
"You mean you're?!"
"That's right! Oh but don't worry she found me a very caring and not to mention horny boyfriend just like she will for you!"
Dani's mother walked in then and Michelle was born.

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